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Jeannette is a superb trainer. As her client, I am most impressed that she developed my initial workout plan totally geared to my abilities, based on her knowledge and on her listening to my needs. She continuously adapts our work to conform to what my body is capable of performing on any given day. The results have been remarkable.” – M. Stephens


“Working out is not an option, in my opinion. When I realize that I am not making the time to do so or not pushing myself to be my best, I know that I can count on Jeannette to get me back on track. There have been many different times in my life when I needed Jeannette to help me reach my goals, whether it was as simple as getting me motivated to get back to health, including proper eating habits, or to increase and intensify my workouts for my beach wedding and a fire academy. She takes my goals, thinks outside the box for a solution and pushes me to improve, all awhile making it fun. I recommend some form of exercise to most of my patients in order for their musculoskeletal system to stay healthy. Those that need a little boost or new ideas to get back to working out on their own to those that need the extra motivation and accountability, I have no hesitation in referring them to Jeannette, young, old, middle-aged.” – Dr. Jena


"Confidence – that was something I was lacking when it came to working out in the gym. Jeannette has a way of making you believe in your abilities and giving you the exact amount of push you need, while keeping the workouts fun. Not only am I back to working out and feeling better about myself, but my confidence continues to increase as I continually see improvement in myself. Having worked with Jeannette in the past, when it was time to hire a personal trainer, there were no others to consider!” – D. Tyson


"I’m glad I made the decision to hire Jeannette as my trainer. Her enthusiasm is endless. Her flexibility with appointments is a plus for my hectic schedule. I would have sworn I could never do lunges, yet here I am at the gym lunging!! I have lost inches and gained self confidence and stamina. I look forward to my sessions with my trainer." – L. Hudgins


“Jeannette is a unique personal trainer. She makes working out fun and enjoyable. Jeannette does a wonderful job keeping me on track and she ensures that I always perform my exercises in perfect form, which is very important. I highly recommend Jeannette to people who want to get into great shape and want to do it right.” – C. Bauman